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Retain the Brand New Looks of Your Clothes Forever With Best Dry Cleaner NYC Service

Welcome to Lavi Cleaners, an all-inclusive store for all your dry cleaner related needs. From standard cleaner to organic dry cleaner and even single-day dry cleaner service- we have it all under one roof. With expert cleaners on our team, peerless service quality and environment-friendly practices, we are proud to be the leading dry cleaning service in NYC.

Read on to get a detailed overview of our services and learn why we are the best dry cleaner NYC.

You and Your Clothes Deserve the Best

Are you someone who loves wearing Armani shirts or Prada dresses? Your clothes are a reflection of your style and personality. Clothes from the leading brands can cost you a fortune. So, quite naturally, you will want to retain their glamorous looks forever.

Additionally, clothes are at times more than mere apparel. People may also have their emotions attached to them with unique pieces of clothing such as wedding gowns or autographed shirts.

But no matter how special or expensive your clothes may be, they are bound to get dirty with use. In fact, sometimes your favorite pieces are used so often that they lose their glow and appeal. Worry not! Restore their looks and bring back the new-like shine without any deterioration in their quality only with Lavi Cleaners.

A dry cleaner service that takes care of your needs from end to end, we are the one name in NYC that you can completely rely on. Forget the days when sending your clothes off for dry cleaning meant faded colors or missing sequins and buttons.

At Lavi Cleaners, your clothes are individually taken care of by seasoned experts. In place of a one-technique-suits-all attitude, we choose methods and solutions which are most suitable for your clothes’ delicate fabric or design. With deluxe detergents and fragrant fabric conditioners, give even the routine chore of dry cleaning a luxurious feel.

After all, our driving philosophy is to give our clients and their clothing the best they deserve.

Enjoy Complimentary Pick Up And Delivery Across NYC

Does your busy lifestyle leave you with very little time to attend to your chores? Thankfully, with Lavi Cleaners, at least your cleaning needs will no longer demand extra care or attention. With our complimentary pickup and delivery service across NYC, have your clothes picked up from your chosen address at any time of the day.

Keeping the busy lifestyle of our clients in mind, we offer round-the-clock availability of slots. If you are not present in person for the pick-up or delivery, you can also leave additional instructions for our team.

Accordingly, we will hand over your clothes to your neighbor or your doorman as per your demands. Since the clothes are carefully ironed and neatly folded before return, you can store them for as long as you want to with the fear of creasing them.

A Completely Customizable Service

We understand that the title of the best dry cleaner NYC comes with several responsibilities. The chief among these responsibilities is, of course, understanding our clients and delivering a service that meets their expectations. So in place of coming up with specific service packages that require the clients to adjust, we have come up with a completely customizable range of options.

Have your clothes laundered the way you prefer by checking out these options. For instance, if you are allergic to fragrant conditioners, you can request a fragrance-free cleaning range. Or, if you are allergic to chemical cleaners, you may opt for our organic dry cleaner service.

You can also attach specific instructions for individual pieces of clothing. So even if you are not doing your laundry in person, you can enjoy the satisfaction of having them done just the way you would prefer.

The Latest Organic Dry Cleaner NYC Service

At the core of all our practices is our commitment to provide the clients with the best cleaning without hurting Mother Nature. While our other services too prioritize environment-friendly practices, we now offer dedicated organic dry cleaner service too. By opting for this service, you don’t just secure the best care for your clothes, but you also reduce cleansing waste, reduce groundwater contamination and save precious energy.

Our organic dry cleaner NYC service is especially recommended for your little one’s clothing or for those who have severe allergic tendencies. Since the cleaning range is free of VOCs, the organically treated clothing has zero health implications.

Avail of all these and much at the best prices by opting for our dry cleaner service today.

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