Lavi Cleaners – The Best Laundry Service NYC Has To Offer

Planning a party at your home? Or is it a business gathering at your company? As a host, you will definitely want to achieve perfection in all your preparations. But amidst all the hustle, have you forgotten your own appearance and clothing?

That is where we step in. You can trust us to wash and clean all your high-maintenance clothing and other fabrics. We at Lavi Cleaners are committed to providing you premium laundry services at your doorstep all across NYC.

What Makes Lavi Cleaners The Best Of All?

For a healthy lifestyle, hygiene is of paramount importance. This includes the cleanliness of your clothes and fabric. We understand this, so we do not allow any kind of compromise with our laundry services. With us, you get first-rate cleaning at exciting prices. If you live in NYC, you will find no other laundry service as efficient as us.

Sophisticated Washing Methods

At Lavi Cleaners, we always make sure to use the best washing materials available in the market. At our dry cleaning factory in Manhattan, we take extra care to make your clothes spotless and germ-free. Our use of fabric-friendly materials protects colors and ensures longevity.

Apart from standard dry cleaning, we also provide organic dry cleanings. With this, your clothes will be clean, soft and free from all allergens.

Wide Range of Fabrics

We realize that our trendy NYC residents share a love for varied fabrics. That is why we have prepared ourselves to handle any kind of fabric. We can clean your regular-use clothes as well as valuable high-maintenance clothing. We can make your wedding dress, suit, evening gown, or leather jacket totallyclean and pure.

Along with that, our laundry services can also efficiently handle your beddings and draperies. We will wash all sorts of fabric to make your home ready for the party.

Free Pick Up and Delivery

If you choose Lavi Cleaners, you will no longer have to run to and from the laundry service. Simply book a timing from our round the clock slots. We will be there at your doorstep to pick up the laundry.

After washing them, we also carefully dry and iron them. Then we will deliver your washed and folded laundry to your home. NYC residents will be glad to know that this service is free.


With our laundry services, you can expect complete professionalism and punctuality. We deal with our orders quickly, efficiently and carefully. Unlike some other services, we do not frustrate our clients with late service. For expedited speed, you can also opt for our same day cleaning service.

So, for the best laundry service NYC, trust us at the Lavi Cleaners. Contact us today!

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